Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Strike Zone 1 on Batman Map? Golden Ratio Judgment Day with a Triple 666—Visions Abound

There has been a lot of chatter on the Internet about the upcoming Super Bowl and a possible terror attack. Here are some of the articles that have been floating around cyber space in this regards.
The Last Super Bowl 2014: Hollywood Does It Again!

Here is a short video about the movie Oblivion that has many "signals" in it (HT Karen). BTW the movie was set in 2077. 2077 can be written as 207+7 = 2014.


So what is one to make of this information? Excluding the visions, is it just fear mongering and intentional scare tactics by someone with an agenda, or should the information be taken seriously?
It is hard to know for sure, but I would like to make a few comments. In the account of the vision above the man stated “The explosion of something--a missile?--entering the stadium from above, through the dome.” The Met Life stadium does not have a dome—it is an open stadium. That causes me to question the accuracy and or authenticity of his vision. On the other hand he mentions; “The Dark Knight.” Obviously that is a reference to the Batman movie—The Dark Knight Rises—that just so happens to depict a football stadium being blown up.
The batman movie also features a map that has several Strike Zones on it, which I believe I have deciphered as to their location and events, which you can read about in this post; The Revealing of the Batman Map Strike Zones. I have always assumed because Strike Zone 1 was near the words Sandy Hook that Strike Zone 1 had been carried out in the Sandy Hook school shootings. A reader of this blog left the following comment regarding this;
“I just had a thought. What if Sandy Hook was just to set up the map and the 2014 Super Bowl is the real target 1? Sandy Hook seems small to what is going to happen. Map still aligns the same. I have not thought about how it effects your research and conclusions. Any special alignments with 2/2/14? I just had a feeling that I would not want to be at the game. Look forward to your posts.”
I responded; “Thanks for your input, that is certainly something to ponder. It is 54 days till 3/28, which on that day it will be 77,777 minutes. I will see if I can find any other connections.
Here is the map area he was referring to, notice that the stadium is circled possibly inferring that a stadium event could be Strike Zone 1 and not Sandy Hook. Also as best as I can tell, on the map overlay, part of the red circle would encompass the Met Life Stadium area.

I did find some other interesting connections; 54 is a triple 6 + 6 + 6. 2/2/14 is day 33 of the year and is the day of a crescent moon. It is also in a golden ratio to 3/28/14—the possible Strike Zone 2 date. (For information on Strike Zone 2 see the post; Yellowstone Eruption on the Next Friday Crescent Moon Death Day—the End of the World is Just the Beginning.)
33 days x 1.618 = 53.4 (54 rounded up).
54 days + 2/2/14 is 3/28/14.
Note: A golden ratio was involved in three of the most devastating judgments upon our land in the last 20 years—the OKC bombing, 911, and hurricane Katrina, as explained in this post; Beware the Golden Ratio of Judgment.
Here are some other interesting facts; February 1 and 2 is Imbloc, the first satanic Sabbat of the year requiring human sacrifice and is celebrated as a fire festival. February 2 is also the holiday of Candlemas. As already mentioned 2/2/14 is day 33 and counting inclusively there are 333 days left in the year. February 2 has also been a date in the past that Al Qaeda has said they want to Nuke NYC on; Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke NewYork on February 2, and the stadium is just across the river from NYC.
We know that evil forces love to do things by the stars and the Constellation directly overhead at kick off time is Perseus. It’s best known star is Algol, which comes from Arabic, Ra's al-Ghul, which means The Demon's Head, it was called Rosh ha Satan ("Satan's Head") in Hebrew. The galactic plane of the Milky Way passes through Perseus. The Milky Way is associated with the Ba—Batman as explained by Running from Babylon; RYSE 1 - The Dark Knight of the Soul.

That is the data that I have at this time. What does all this mean if anything? It could just be coincidental or fear mongering, but at the same time I realize that America is due for more judgments, because we have not repented, and our sinful actions have increased. I also believe that as we get closer to the major events of the end times that terrorist actions will increase and may also be a major factor in end times events. It is possible that a terrorist event could be the beginning of Seal 2 and WWIII. And if the Second Coming will be in 2017 then WWIII will begin between now and April 2014. If 2017 is not the year of the Second Coming then we have some more time.
Here is what Cutting Edge Ministries envisions happening when the end times begin in earnest, of which I agree.

* Destruction of New York City through an atomic device

* Destruction of Los Angeles through an earthquake

* World War III breaks out in the Middle East

* Stock Market collapses

* Aliens make appearance to aid mankind in the transition to Antichrist

* Food disappears from retail shelves as part of an overall economic collapse

* "Some people disappear" - reference to the Rapture of the Church, as alluded to above.

* Messiah presents himself to the world.

Whether anything will happen at Super Bowl XLVIII, I do not know, and I hope and pray that nothing will. But I also realize that as a country we deserve judgment and an event like this is not out of the realm of the possible. I also realize that even if evil forces have things planned does not mean that it will happen, they can call it off, and or God could stop it. Thus for now I will just leave you with the data and let you make your own conclusions. On a personal note—I would appreciate your prayers at this time.
I hope you are ready for the end times for one day they will arrive in earnest. If you are not sure that you are ready, please accept my gift to you and download a free copy of TheComing Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy.

Update 3/31.

Here is the moon's position on 2/2/14 at 6:30--kickoff time. Notice the position of the star in Pisces. Look familiar? BTW New Amsterdam, which later was renamed New York, became a city on 2/2/1653. (HT Karen)


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beware the Golden Ratio of Judgment

Wikipedia image

Ever hear of the golden ratio? How about a golden ratio of judgment? I have been shown and discovered information in which leads me to conclude that serious judgments have come upon our land in the past in relation to the golden ratio and further that serious judgments may occur in the near future in relation to the golden ratio. Here is the rest of the story… 

In mathematics, two quantities are in a golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities which is also equal to 1.618… Or in other words, two numbers are in a relationship such that the sum of the larger number plus the smaller number divided by the larger number is equal to the larger number divided by the smaller number, and this ratio equals 1.618… 

(a + b)/a = a/b = 1.618033989…, where a > b.
Wikipedia image
It was brought to my attention by a blog reader that some recent important events have occurred on dates in relation to the golden ratio (HT Karen). I will not duplicate his work here, but in the article he identifies some golden ratio events and a possible one in the near future on 1/27/14. (Note: by linking his site I am not giving credence to his spiritual philosophies.)  

It's worth noting that using the dates of the Japanese Birthquake and the "end" of the Mayan calendar we can produce the following Golden Ratio timeline... pointing ahead to January 27, 2014. 

Here is my presentation of the data that led him to that conclusion; 

3/11/11 to 12/21/12 is 651 days. 

651/1.618 = 402.3. 

12/21/12 + 402 days is 1/27/14. 

651 days to 402 days is in the ratio of 1.618 to 1. 

Thus based on that data and the other information at the article it would suggest that 1/27/2014 bears watching. 

In light of his information I decided to check and see if any major events of judgment in recent history were in a golden ratio. I started checking and calculating, and I found that the OKC bombing, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina, which are some of the most severe judgments against the United States in recent years, are in a golden ratio. 

4/19/95 to 9/11/01 is 2337 days (333 weeks, 6 days). 

2337/1.618 = 1444.4 days. 

9/11/01 + 1444 days is 8/25/05 (Katrina’s first landfall). 

Those are probably the most severe judgments against the United States in the last 20 years and they occurred at time intervals in a golden ratio. That fact causes me to believe that the golden ratio can be an important factor in the timing of judgments. 

I then decided to check and see if the date of 1/27/14, suggested by the author above might be in a golden ratio to the date of a judgment I foresee occurring against our land—3/28/14—the next day in the Friday crescent moon death pattern. Here is something interesting that I found; 

10/23/13 to 1/27/14 is 96 days. 

96/1.618 = 59.33 days (60 days rounded up). 

1/27/14 + 60 days is 3/28/14. 

What important event happened on 10/23/13? It was the day of the christening of Prince George. If you read the article linked above you would have seen that Prince George has been related to other Golden ratio events. 

Here is something else I found in relation to 3/28/14 and a golden ratio; 

1/1/14 to 2/23/14 is 53 days. 

53/1.618 = 32.8 days (rounds to 33 days). 

2/23/14 + 33 days is 3/28/14. 

2/23/14 is the day that the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics are scheduled to end and the day of the closing ceremony. As you are probably aware in the past the Olympic ceremonies have been chocked full of illuminati symbolism. In fact this year’s Olympic torch is a phoenix feather that spent time in outer space. And if you read the article above you would have seen that the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics was involved in a golden ratio. 

In conclusion; We have the most severe judgments against the United States in the last 20 years occurring at intervals in a golden ratio. We also have the date of 1/27/14 in a golden ratio to the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami and 12/21/12. 1/27/14 is also in a golden ratio with the christening of prince George and the next crescent moon death day—3/28/14. And we also have 3/28/14 in a golden ratio to New Year’s day and the last day of the Sochi Olympics.

So in light of past judgments and events in relation to the golden ratio, 1/27/14 and 3/28/14 are dates that I believe bear watching. Now let me also mention that just because past events have occurred in a golden ratio does not necessarily mean that future events will. Thus nothing may occur on 1/27/14. But there an interesting event scheduled for 1/27/14 (another HT to Karen); it is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

If these dates are viable what might the evil forces have planned for those days—notice I said planned? I can only speculate, but realizing that the 3/11/11 event was a large earthquake/tsunami related to treatment of Israel, if there is a 1/27/14 event it could be similar in nature, scope, and cause. In regards to 3/28/14—the crescent moon death day, I have put forth several ideas as to what may occur on that day from another mass murder to a Yellowstone event.  

I do not know what if anything will occur on 1/27/14 but if something of major consequence does it would be another confirmation that 3/28/14 is a date of a major judgment of great severity. You can read about 3/28/14 and the crescent moon death day at these links; 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Look What I found in the Desert on Google Earth


Many of you know that lines or arcs on the earth can have great prophetic significance. In light of the prophetic significance of lines I decided to check a line in relation to two important events in modern American history; the JFK and MLK assassinations. What God allowed me to find, amazed me.

Note: I posted about this before but am revising the information for this post. Also; If you are not familiar with the significance of lines you can see an example of this by clicking on the Tsunami Cloud link at the sidebar, which features a line drawn from the Japan earthquake location to the Temple mount in Jerusalem.

I drew the line from the exact JFK assassination location (Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX) through the exact MLK assassination location (Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN) and continued the line across the Atlantic. The line hit the country of Morocco.

In fact the line intersects the eastern Morocco desert border at 4444 NM. Next to the line and very close to the border is a sign with the letters K 4 and some other writing or symbols, which I have been told is Arabic and means “allah is king of the land.” K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, thus K 4 could equal 11 x 4 = 44. The latitude of the sign is 29 11 29 N, which makes an 11 11 11.


Interestingly enough this sign seems to have connections to President Obama. To start with, President Obama is the 44th President which corresponds to the K4 = 44. If you extend the small side of the sign to the north it hits Oslo, Norway where President Obama received the Nobel Peace prize.


If you draw a diagonal line through the sign to the northwest it hits Hawaii—the birth place of President Obama. If you draw a diagonal line through the sign to the northeast it hits Damascus in Syria.




If you extend the large side of the sign to the west it hits the Teotihuacan Pyramid complex near Mexico City. As legend has it the Blue Stone Kachina will remove his mask at Teotihuacan.


It is unclear at present how the last 2 lines may relate to President Obama, if at all, but it is possible that may become evident in the future. Let me also mention that on 11/22/13 President Obama met with the President of Morocco. There are some interesting synchronicities connected to date 11/22/13. 

On 1/18/09 President Obama gave a speech at the Lincoln Memorial and he and the crowd sang the song “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” which contained the lyrics “this will be the day that I die.” The Lincoln Memorial Speech on 1/18/09 to 11/22/13 is 252 weeks, or 4 yrs. 44 weeks, or on that day it will be 4 yrs. 444,444 minutes. 

President Lincoln was assassinated on 4/14/1865. 4/14/1865 to 11/22/13 is 148 yrs. and 222 days. 148 = 1 + 4 + 8 = 13. Lincoln was the 16th (4 + 4 + 4 + 4) President. 

Another person associated with the Lincoln Memorial and President Obama is Martin Luther King. MLK was assassinated on 4/4/68. 4/4/68 to 11/22/13 is 16668 days and on that day it will be 400044 hours. 

President Obama’s second Inauguration on 1/21/13 to 11/22/13 is 305 days, and on that day it will be 440,440 minutes. 

President Obama’s birthday on 8/4/61 to 11/22/13 is 2729 weeks—makes a 911 (2+7 and 2 + 9). 

9/11/01 to 11/22/13 is 4455 days. 

On 10/5/2010 President Obama gave a speech in which the Presidential seal fell off the podium. Mr. Obama said “some staffer is sweating bullets.” 10/5/2010 to 11/22/13 is 1144 days. 

The Norway spiral appeared on 12/9/10, the night before President Obama received his Nobel Peace prize. 12/9/10 to 11/22/13 is 1444 days or 3 yrs., 11 months, 13 days. 

Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on 11/4/95, which is 18 yrs. and 18 days to 11/22/13. 

JFK was assassinated on 11/22/63, which is exactly 50 years to 11/22/13. 

11/22/13 is day 1122 of the 70th Week, that is if the 70th Week began on 10/28/10. 

So I see a lot of very interesting numbers and date connections to 11/22/13—the day President Obama met with the president of Morocco. The way all the dates appear to align with 11/22/13 seems way beyond chance to me. And when you consider the esoteric meanings of these numbers, the synchronicities gain greater importance. 

That is the data; what does it all mean? I do not know, but it may be an indication that a key prophetic event may occur in relation to President Obama, Morocco, Syria, Teotihuacan on an esoterically important date past 11/22/13. I will leave it up to you to make your own conclusions. But here is another piece of information that you might want to consider—a connection between Morocco and the word “rise” explained at Running from Babylon’s post; RYSE 1 - The Dark Knight of the Soul. 

By William Frederick, M. Div. author of The Coming Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy—FREE download.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bitcoin and End Times Bible Prophecy


You may have heard the word Bitcoin and wondered what in the world is that? What I will attempt to do in this post is explain the whole thing to you in an easy to understand format and explain why, in light of end times Bible prophecy, how it may be useful in the future.

What is Bitcoin?

Plain and simple Bitcoin is a medium of exchange. Bitcoin has been described by some as a digital crypto currency. And you may ask what is that? as they say, It is a currency that exists in cyberspace—let me give you an example that may help you understand this; many people have credit cards that issue reward points or reward dollars. These rewards are essentially a digital currency—only exist in cyber space--that you can use to purchase goods, services, or even with some companies redeem them for cash. So we are told that essentially Bitcoin is the same type of thing, it is a digital currency, that you can use to purchase goods, services, and redeem for cash. If you make electronic payments with your bank account you are essentially doing the same thing except in your country’s currency. BTW 95% of all money in the world is digital.

Why use Bitcoin?

One of the reasons that so many people are getting involved in, and using Bitcoins in transactions, is because they see it as an alternative to their currency that is losing its value through its increasing supply—that brings about inflation. Whereas by design there will only be 21 million Bitcoins created or should we say mined. Thus the currency supply, once the 21 million are released, will never be increased and thus their value will not be watered down through the endless creation of more of them as is the case with many currencies.

What gives Bitcoin its value?

The trust, usefulness, and demand people have for it. If people trust it, can use it, then they may want it, and therefore it will have value established on the open market by how much someone is willing to pay for it. So the value is a pure reflection of demand. At this writing, one Bitcoin is worth about $900 USD.

How can I use Bitcoins?

There are companies and individuals all across the world that accept payments for goods and services in Bitcoins. You can also sell your Bitcoins for USDs or other major currencies.

How can I get Bitcoins?

First you have to obtain a digital wallet to store your Bitcoins, which is free. Here is a link offering many different types of wallets; Once your wallet is set up you can purchase Bitcoins and or mine for them. There are numerous exchanges that you can buy Bitcoins from. Here is an article listing them; You can also purchase them from individuals or offer goods and services in exchange for them.

You can also mine for Bitcoins. Mining is the process whereby your computer solves complicated arithmetic problems and upon solving the problem you are awarded Bitcoins. Efficient mining requires the purchase of Bitcoin mining hardware that will range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Once you have your mining hardware you can download a simple program from a mining pool group and then you can start mining.

Should I get involved?

That is your decision, and yours alone, and none of this article is to be taken as financial advice, but let me tell you why I got involved. The main reason I got involved was to have a hedge against what many economists have been saying for many years—that one day the dollar and other currencies will crash. I see Bitcoin as an alternative currency that may be used as a store of wealth to hedge against inflation and to hedge against the eventual collapse of the currencies of the world. Also if Bitcoin catches on more than it already has, the value of a Bitcoin will naturally increase—so it also has the potential to increase your wealth.

What are the risks?

If people lose trust in Bitcoin, its usefulness declines, or its demand decreases, then its value will go down, and all or some investments could be lost. Also Bitcoin is dependent upon electricity and the internet, without either it would cease to exist. But I think electricity and computers will be around for most of the world until at least the rapture, because they will need computers and electricity to run their mark of the beast system.

Is Bitcoin a step toward a global currency and thus bad?

In the sense that it is a technology or idea that may be used by the globalists; Yes, but so is electricity, computers, the internet, rfid chips, cameras, scanners, etc. Just because a technology or idea may be used by evil people does not make it bad. They do not need Bitcoin to establish a global currency, there is already a defacto one now—an individual can already conduct transactions throughout the world—think Paypal. The only elements they need to add to the current monetary system to bring about the mark of the beast system is to require a chip in an individual’s hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. So the mark system boils down to a matter of control of monetary transactions. Bitcoin takes control away from the PTB and gives it back to the people. And even though they may use the technology, I do not see Bitcoin as a step toward the ac system but a step away from it, because it takes control away from the PTB.


Bitcoin is a crypto currency that I think may provide a hedge against inflated collapsing currencies. There is also the possibility that it may go bust. Whether you get involved is between you and God and none of this post is to be considered as financial advice. Let me also reiterate that after the abomination of desolation occurs and Seal 5 is opened, that no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast, and Bitcoin may offer a way to transact business at that time without taking the mark, but then again, maybe not, time will tell. I still view the ultimate hedge against collapsing currencies and the coming mark of the beast system as gold and silver—which is one of the oldest forms of money in existence. 

I may be wrong but the way I see it is that Bitcoin is a currency for the people of the world who are sick and tired of the world’s private banks stealing their wealth through currency devaluation schemes. That is why I believe the central banks hate Bitcoin, because it threatens their very survival. Greenspan said Bitcoin is a bubble. I believe he is wrong, I believe the exact opposite is true, the dollar is a bubble because of the massive amount of debt and money printing, it and the other currencies of the world will one day collapse as the Bible predicts (Seal 3). And it will not be the fault of crypto currencies when the currencies of the world collapse, because the world currencies are already collapsing, it will be the fault of those at the top. And let me remind you that it is the world banks that are at the forefront of the coming New World Order and they do not like Bitcoin, so what does that tell you? 

When the currencies of the world collapse they are going to create a new monetary system in which one must bow down to their leader and take their mark in order to buy and sell. The question is what are you going to do when that time comes? Are you going to bow down, or are you going to try and live free of their system--of course no true Christian will bow down to them but will trust in the Lord to prepare now and provide until the rapture occurs. 

So I see Bitcoin as a currency for the people by the people, and in my mind a vote for Bitcoin is a vote for yourself and the return to a currency free from inflation and the control of the PTB. I also see Bitcoin as a possible way to conduct transactions after the mark of the beast comes about. 
Note: There are many digital currencies; two others I like are Litecoin and Worldcoin.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Waxing Death Moon; A Confirmation of Synchronicity


1/8/14: Update added at end of post


noun: synchronicity 1. the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. 

"such synchronicity is quite staggering"

Recently I have been made aware that there exists a synchronicity of dates which suggest that 3/28/14 may be a very important date in relation to end times Bible prophecy. If you remember I have put forth the theory that 3/28/14 is the next day in the death moon cycle and that evil forces aligned with satan may have something big planned for that day. Thus the information I am about to present may serve as another confirmation that the evil forces have something planned for that day.

I came across the information through a comment a reader left suggesting that I examine an article at the following web address that has information that points to 3/27-28/14 as an important prophetic date.

In reading through the information the author presents some astounding facts concerning date synchronicities in regards to many prophetic events and solar and lunar eclipses.

I will not duplicate his information here but will just present a few pertinent facts that relate to 3/28/14. Before I present the information I would like to add that many of the synchronicities in his research are multiples of 216, which equals 6 x 6 x 6.

The Information

5/15/48 (Israel became a nation) to 7/20/49 (end of war with Israel) = 432 days (216 x 2 = 432; a double 6 x 6 x 6).

7/20/49 to 9/26/50 (last lunar eclipse in the 49/50 tetrad) = 433 days. Note this can be 432 days in Hebrew timing because 9/26 starts at sunset on 9/25. See this post for a discussion of the importance of Tetrads.

5/15/48 to 9/26/50 = 864 days ( 216 x 4 = 864; a quadruple 6 x 6 x 6).

Ok so you can see some date synchronicities that all relate to 216 or 6 x 6 x 6. There are more that you can read about in his article. Now here is the information that relates to 3/28/14, which in Hebrew timing starts at sunset on 3/27/14.

7/2/1776 (the actual date of the declaration of independence) to 1/21/13 (the inauguration of President Obama) = 86400 days (400 x 6 x 6 x 6)

1/21/13 to 3/28/14 = 432 days

That is just some of the info relating to 3/28/14, you can read the rest at his site if you desire, but after finding all the information surrounding 3/28/14 the author made this statement.

I would say it is quite possible we will see an event in the days immediately around March 27th 2014 and even more so from April 18th 2014 to April 21st 2014.

Thus with the next day of the crescent moon death day cycle being 3/28/14 and in light of its associations with death, Yellowstone, a ring of fire eclipse, Nibiru, and the antichrist, and now these important prophetic date synchronicities, I feel that 3/28/14 is definitely a date to watch in regards to end times Bible prophecy.

Here are the series of posts in which the information showing that 3/28/14  may prove to be a very important day in end times Bible prophecy.

The Waxing Death Moon; A line of Confirmation

Update 1/8/14: I added the graphic above that shows that on 3/28/14 the crescent death moon will be in Aquarius--the water bearer. I do not know if it is significant or not but it may play into the situation especially in light of the fact that the Movie Noah is scheduled to be released on that day.